Success of the 2019 Christmas Party

Our Sponsors, Members and Guests certainly out did themselves at our 2019 Christmas Party. Held at Dundees on the Waterfront all who attended enjoyed a complimentary welcome drink from BUSSQ and lunch at their own costs. We were particularly impressed by the competitive nature of all who attended in preparing their Hard hats for judging on the day. It was an exceptional event with over 100 people in attendance and more than 80% dedicating their time to preparing individual ha

Member Profiles

Have you seen the amazing profiles of our Members and Sponsors on our Facebook page? Member Profiles commenced in 2019 in preparation for our first stall at the Student Expo. The profiles are laminated and posted for students to read about our members careers. The profiles are set out with the same questions for each person: 1) What is your Role / position, education & Training? 2) Describe a normal day at work? 3) What inspired you to work in your field? 4) Why do you think

About Women In Construction FNQ Inc.

"Women in Construction FNQ is an Incorporated Not for Profit organisation providing Educational Events to the Cairns Construction & associated industries each year. Women in Construction FNQ started in 2014 and we became Incorporated in 2019. We have approximately 7 events throughout the year. 2019 events were Cairns Regional Council - CPAC Tour, Cairns Hardware Truss Shop and Bathroom Fixtures, Plus What's New, QFES Fire rating / inspection of Fire Station, Prime Flynn Site